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Welcome to Heptalysis

Sound financial support is paramount to the success of any new business.
As an entrepreneur or startup company, raising capital for a venture is never a clear-cut approach.

At the same time, for the shrewd investors, new startups or ventures can become lucrative opportunities. The private sector not only represents by far the largest portion of the economy, but also promises more rewards for investments.

An investment opportunity can be viewed as an engine that consumes certain resources, and produces a return within a timeline while carrying certain risk.

The concept of investment is embedded within the Risk/Reward model of wealth creation. The quality of an investment opportunity is not determined only by its level of return, but also by the certainly of its risk level. In other words, not every low yielding investment is a bad investment and vice versa.

So, how do investors compare investment opportunities, while taking the uncertainly of outcomes into consideration?

This is exactly what Heptalysis is about.

What is Heptalysis?

Simply put Heptalysis is a methodology, software solution and set of tools for planning and analyzing startups companies and business ventures.

It is a platform that is used by entrepreneurs, investors and business consultants to assess new ventures and identify the strong points as well as areas that need more attention. Heptalysis is the result of working with many startups, incubators and investors and captures the essence of a successful venture model.

Essential components of Heptalysis framework include:

Heptalysis whitepaper and instructional guide

Heptalysis patent pending assessment software
Various complementary tools, templates and resources

In order to have an in-depth understanding of Heptalysis' methodology, we encourage you to read a whitepaper about this platform. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for your interest in Heptalysis Unlocking the Venture Code